Sunday, 1 May 2011

This week was destroyed by the filming of my 90 second film. And by destroyed I mean my spare time was filled with  working on/ worrying about the impending SEXUAL SCENE in which my sister and housemate would pretend to fuck. Lesson learnt, don't film sex.
In-between the time I was working, or doing homework I managed to see Thor, download a bunch of horror films (Deep Red, Argento, Reanimator, Gorden) And watch some cartoon version of the avengers. I was reading about how dreams are perceptions of reality as opposed to deep seeded manifestations of what happened to you as a BABY, and how Freudian ideals of psychoanalysis are outdated and wrong. I remember learning that at the start of my B.A in my history major. Ironically in my film major we went ahead and read films using psychoanalysis all the time. even I wrote an essay on Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’ and womb envy, knowing full well the fluid shit I was spinning. I guess the disparity between what we collectively ‘know’ and objective truth (which does not exist anyway) interests me.

Euro trash films are amazing. (Very much like the shop on Chapel street which pretty much encapsulates the style) Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein and Andy Warhol presents Frankenstein are two which you can not look past for over the top sets, odd set-ups and bad accents. Interestingly enough the concept of what we know, that most people attribute these films to Warhol, despite the truth, that they were made by Paul Morrissey or Antionio Margheriti (depending on Italian or English prints) Critics note Warhols name is not even in the credits, nor did Morrisey do anything more that aid the films creation. It is believed that Antionio Margheriti is the author of the film, and Warhol who receives credit merely gave the inspiration.  


David Cronenberg (1986) The Fly
Dario Argento (1975) Deep Red
Stuart Gorden (1985) Re-Animator
Morrissey/ Margheriti (1974) Blood for dracula/ andy warhols dracula

Joan Hawkins, Cutting Edge: Art-horror and the horrific avant-garde  2000, U of Minnesota press
Blood for dracula at E Splatter, URL:

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