Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Week 4: Desire's, Drives and Depressing sexual fantasy

AH, here it comes. The cathartic process of writing down your idea AND CEMENTING IT IN A MALIABLE GOO.
The very depressing story of lass who can’t enjoy her partners love making because she is subconsciously stressed by everyday worries. These manifest in a terrifying dreamscape, and a resolution that blows! 
I’m not yet set on a title. I want it to be a reference to surrealism and 1950s romantic comedies, but gosh darn it I just have not yet settled on a title. I’m sure whilst staring whimsically out of train window ill come up with something amazing.
Gratuitous 1920s ‘erotica’
The opening shot will be a low, close up of the bed legs. The squeaking of the bed will resonate throughout the reality for the protagonist, unnamed young woman A. A cut to her feet and his, dangling over the bed. A cut to her hands tapping on the pillow. A cut to above the bed and just the top of her head moving in time with the squeak. Finally a bird’s eye view of her, from over the mans shoulders. He is into it, she is staring at the ceiling. A cut to her POV. A poster on the ceiling which is a retreat/ holiday poster, also shot in POV perspective. Showing a tree overhead in a sunny yard. Cut back to the girls face, looking sadly at the poster, clearly trying to be detached from the sex. Cut back to the poster. Cut back to her face, and then to the actual tree outside. Then cut back to the girl, who now is laying on her back but on a beach towel. The squeaking sound is used to fade across the difference in the dream scape from reality and turns into the sound of a bird. Audiences are lead to think oh good, she can   think about something sexy other than her reality. Led down the garden path so to speak. But when the girl sits up, her subconscious anxiety about all the things she has to do are blocking any semblance of a sexy thought. Mail to be opened, bills to be paid, washing to hang out, cleaning to be done and whatever else can fit in. Slowly the sounds build up, a noise to the beat of the bed squawking starts up again, and begins to go faster. The crux here is an over the sink shot of a massive pile of dirty dishes, she looks on in horror- using jump cuts and cut ins of the horror of domesticity the girl a slow pan out and over the mound to exaggerate their excessiveness. But all the while the beat gets faster. She goes to turn the tap on, SPLASHHHHH
Hold on the splash. Cut back to the poster in her room. Cut back to her face, disappointment. His sigh, her sigh. He flops down on her. She stares directly into the camera. Pat, pat, pat on his back. The final pat cut to black and finish.
I want to make ideally the reality pastel, weird looking and tacky. And the dreamscape a little surreal, stark colours and unusual to visually signify their difference. I want to utilize sound to create a heightened sense of the continuation of her  partner ‘giver her one’ and the subconscious to be to blame for her inability to concentrate.

(gratuitous 1920s 'erotica')

Like we talked about in today’s tute, the dominant form of film structure is character driven narrative. The number one drive for character is desire and repression. Like any good binary or conflict you need one for the other. The in my short girl desires to enjoy sex, but the weight and stress of the world makes it impossible for her to focus. I hope it to be at least a little humorous in its strangeness. I like that the conflict is very basic. And the resolution is simple. Though unfinished, I want to leave a sense of literally and metaphorical unfulfillment. I think sex, is a good way as a plot device to have a very definite beginning, middle and end. So too the dreamscape, though contextual, I hope will be a fairly easy thing to fit into the time that is left in the middle. It can be quite short if need be. 

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